Blaine soup kitchen opens today

Published on Wed, Sep 7, 2011
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With more and more people without food or financial resources, Blaine and Birch Bay community members have found a way to help by offering a free meal every week.

 The Blaine Community Soup Kitchen (BCSK) will serve its first meal today at 5:30 p.m. at the Blackberry House Café and will continue to offer meals to those in need every Thursday from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

“The idea for a soup kitchen has been discussed throughout our community for years, especially in the area churches,” said Kelly Tuski, co-owner of the Blackberry House Café. “Many people had a passion for serving, but didn’t know where to start.”

When Kelly and her husband bought the café, they envisioned using it as a hub for the community. A soup kitchen was one idea, but it wasn’t until others came forward with the same desire that they were able to act on it.

 Nine teams of people – all with a common passion for helping the community – have been assembled. The teams rotate through the Thursdays, and each is responsible for planning the meal, purchasing the food, cooking and serving it and cleaning up afterward. Teams finance the meals, whether it’s out of their own pocket or through donations.

So far, the BCSK has teams from Blaine Christian Fellowship, Freedom Fellowship, North Bay Christ the King, Blaine United Church of Christ, Northwood Alliance Church, St. Anne’s Catholic Church, along with two unaffiliated teams who have have gathered friends to serve in this effort.

 “I am so thankful for the people involved in BCSK, their passion for this service to the community,” Kelly said. “It’s a wonderful group of people full of servant hearts. This isn’t about those who serve, but about those who benefit.”

The Blackberry House Café is located at 321 H Street in Blaine.

To donate money or to form a team, contact North Bay Christ the King Church at 360/332-1951.