Spay Station in need of funding

Published on Thu, Jan 13, 2011
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A local organization that performed more than 7,000 free and low-cost pet surgeries during the last two years is looking for donations to stay in business after losing one of its major funding sources.

Directors with the Whatcom Education, Spay & Neuter Impact Program (WeSNIP) program say they will need approximately $200,000 to operate their Spay Station mobile spay and neuter van in underserved areas of Whatcom County during the year ahead.

The organization offers free and low-cost spay and neutering to pets with owners who qualify and has helped reduce euthanasia rates for Whatcom County dogs and cats by as much as 50 percent. But when one of their major donors had pulled their funding for the Spay Station, WeSNIP organizers were left scrambling to find resources to continue.

Those looking to donate can sign up to the organization’s $10 club, which automatically deducts $10 per month from an individual’s checking, saving or credit card.

Individuals can also take donated clothing to consignment stores such as Labels and Clothes Rack in Bellingham and ask the money to be donated to WeSNIP. The money will be used to purchase pain medications and sedation for animals.

To donate directly to WeSNIP, e-mail or call 360/733-6549. For more information, visit