Hotline offers answers for stormwater problems

Published on Thu, Dec 9, 2010
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A new stormwater reporting hotline is now available for the Birch Bay Watershed. Birch Bay residents can call 360/715-7460 with any questions or problems regarding stormwater drainage, erosion or water quality.

Whatcom County residents identified the need for a single number for the public to call with stormwater concerns or complaints, and this recommendation was included in the Birch Bay comprehensive stormwater plan.

The Birch Bay Watershed and Aquatic Resources Management (BBWARM) District is now implementing this recommendation as part of its stormwater program.

Calls to the hotline will be received by Whatcom County public works stormwater staff who will determine a response plan based on the circumstances of each report. Reports may be handled by Public Works staff or forwarded to the appropriate agency.

Whatcom County public works stormwater program specialist Ingrid Enschede said the purpose of the stormwater number is to eliminate the need for the public to determine which entity to contact regarding stormwater problems and provide a single collection point for all stormwater related reports in the Birch Bay watershed.

For more information, call Enschede at 360/715-7450 extension 50787 or e-mail her at