Notes from Blaine senior center: Modern Poetry

Published on Thu, Oct 14, 2010 by By Sharon Neem

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The Blaine senior center hosts regular free creative writing classes for members. Here, local resident Sharon Neem describes the ebbs and flows of life through her kitchen table.

By Sharon Neem

Dining room table
of sturdy oak
oozing of honey
with the scent of orange oil.

Resting on the floor
Basking in summer sunshine
With fall dreads the rain
And shorter days.

Lonely at times
yearning for attention.
Chairs not friendly
Sitting there like statues
On the hard floor.
Mistress appears
Adds my leaves
Adorns with a cloth.
Oh joy,
company coming.

Feel the weight of food
Hear the sound of dishes
Happy again.

Voices disappearing
Door being closed
Lights dimmed
Then dark.

Lonely at times.