Icelandic geologist explains Eyjafjallajökull

Published on Thu, Oct 14, 2010 by By Rob Olason

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The Blaine Icelandic Heritage Society is hosting an Icelandic geologist at Western Washington University at noon on Friday, October 22. Many Icelandic club members and friends will gain firsthand knowledge of Iceland’s unique geology and volcanic activity during the North American tour of geologist/geographer Kristinn A. Guðjónsson, who has been closely following the eruption at  Eyjafjallajökull

Guðjónsson, who is also a tour guide in Iceland, is the latest visitor to participate in the International Visits Program of the Icelandic National League of North America.  He begins  his three-week tour at the University of Toronto, Ontario on October 3 and delivers his final presentation on October 22 at Western Washington University in Bellingham. His presentation will be aimed at a general audience with little knowledge of geology but he can also address more professional queries.

Between those two events, he will visit several Icelandic settlement communities in Canada and the United States. The recent eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, and its position in the country's inventory of volcanoes, will be a central feature in his talk. He will also address the impact the eruption has had on nearby residents. Kristinn accompanies his presentation with photos taken during his numerous encounters with magma and ash on the slopes of Iceland’s volcanoes. For more information, visit