City earns clean audit for 2009

Published on Thu, Sep 30, 2010 by By Tara Nelson

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The city of Blaine complied fairly with state and federal laws regarding finances in 2009, according to a Washington State Auditor’s report released September 20.

The report, released September 20, found the city complied with all federal and state requirements regarding grants and contracts and found no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses with regards to financial statements or federal compliance.

“It’s fairly significant because we received a clean audit for the fiscal year of 2009,” said finance director Jeff Lazenby. “It’s not all that uncommon but it’s nice recognition – it means we followed all procedures. It also demonstrates to the public that we’re not mishandling any funds and that we have the ability to manage city funds properly.”

The city did receive a letter regarding internal fund transfers and a recommendation to develop a plan to make sure costs are being paid for through proper funds. Those issues, however, were not significant enough to be included in the report.

The full report is available online at