Local caregiver charged with assault

Published on Thu, Sep 23, 2010 by By Tara Nelson

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The license of a Blaine-area health care worker has been recalled after state health officials said she slapped the patients for whom she worked.

Washington State Secretary of Health officials permanently revoked the health care assistant, registered nursing assistant and certified nursing assistant credentials of Adriana Gonzalez, an employee at Eye-Sign, residential care home in the Blaine area, after she slapped a vulnerable resident on five different occasions.

She also slapped another vulnerable resident on two different occasions; one time while the resident was sleeping. She also refused to cooperate with the department’s investigation. She was also convicted of two counts of fourth degree assault for striking the same residents in 2010, according to state documents.

The patients were described as adults who lack the functional, mental or physical abilty to care for themselves.

The following incidents took place in 2009:

• August: Gonzalez forcefully pushed down a functionally impaired resident – named Resident A to protect her privacy – when she attempted to stand up. When the resident attempted to stand again, Gonzalez slapped her across the mouth with the palm of her hand.

• August 17: Gonzalez slapped Resident A when she choked and spit out the soup she was feeding her. 

• August 18: Gonzalez kicked another functionally impaired resident – named Resident B – with no provocation as they were watching television.

• September: Gonzalez slapped Resident B across the forehead while sleeping.

• September 1: Gonzalez slapped Resident A across the mouth with the palm of her hand after she threw a book that struck a care provider on the ankle.

• September 18: Gonzalez slapped Resident A across the mouth when the resident refused to taker her fingers out of her mouth, a behavior that Eye-Sign staff were directed to discourage.

• September 18: Gonzalez slapped Resident A across the mouth when the resident spit out the food she was feeding her.

Following the incidents, a state health care investigator sent letters to Gonzalez on October 5 and October 27 requesting a detailed statement regarding the allegations but she failed to respond. Then, on November 19, the investigator spoke to Gonzalez on the telephone and she confirmed she was refusing to cooperate with the investigation or submit any statement. Her credentials to practice as a nursing assistant and a health care assistant had also expired prior to the state’s decision.