Happy 15th to us!

Published on Thu, Jun 17, 2010
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This issue marks the 15th anniversary of The Northern Light. All of us here at the newspaper would like to thank our readers and our advertisers over the last 15 years. We look forward to many more with the communities of Blaine, Birch Bay and Whatcom County.

Aw, shucks!


"I would like to congratulate the publishers of this fine newspaper, Patrick and Louise Grubb, on the occasion of The Northern Light’s 15th anniversary. You have served this community well with thoughtful coverage of community news, accurate reporting of City Council meetings, and support of our many fine community organizations. The quality of your paper has been consistent throughout the years and we are a better community for your part in it. Kudos to you and your staff!"
Bonnie Onyon

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Hard as it may sometimes be, you have always given even elected officials like me, who don’t really fit in any particular camp, a fair shake in your articles over the years. I am so grateful, even when the news is not flattering. You obviously believe news is more important than spin. Today that is particularly refreshing.
So now you are 15! For a small, local newspaper it is nothing short of miraculous. The people of Blaine & Birch Bay are incredibly fortunate to be able to read real local news in their community.
I wish you the best for your next 15 years. Keep ‘em coming!
Barbara Brenner, Whatcom County
Council Member

Community newspapers spotlight the spirit of our neighborhoods, and The Northern Light and the All Point Bulletin are shining examples. These local newspapers share information with us not available from other outlets, and capture the best our communities have to offer.
The Northern Light and All Point Bulletin reveal the people, places and events of our neighborhoods, and the residents and businesses of Point Roberts, Blaine and Birch Bay are more closely connected because of their hard work.
I would like to congratulate The Northern Light and the All Point Bulletin on their 15th and 25th anniversaries, respectively, and thank them for their ongoing contributions to our communities. Please keep up the great work.
Doug Ericksen
State Representative

I would like to recognize The Northern Light and the All Point Bulletin for their 15 & 25 years of reporting the news to their neighbors in Whatcom County, in particular Blaine, Birch Bay and Point Roberts.
Local newspapers play an important role in keeping people connected to their communities and informed on the issues. There’s no substitute for reporting from the very streets where your readers live.
I appreciate the dedication of small community newspapers to provide a local and fiercely independent voice in their home towns.
Christine Gregoire

This week marks The Northern Light newspaper’s 15th birthday. When I learned this, it caused me to think about why having a local newspaper is important. In this age of digital everything, why do we need a small weekly newspaper? It is so easy to get the news from around the world on an instantaneous basis.
But where do you get the news that really matters to us in our every day lives? Where do you learn about what our young citizens are doing in sports, arts and academics? How do you know if there is a new business opening? Road construction? Events and activities? What your city council and school boards are discussing.  Where? Your local newspaper, that’s where.
What a tremendous void would exist in our lives if we could not look forward to reading The Northern Light every Thursday. It is our most direct connection to each other and with our community. There is something very different about reading the weekly newspaper that cannot be matched by e-mails and Internet news. The Northern Light is about what we cherish the most about living in the Blaine area. That is the small town feeling and the connection we have with each other. That’s what we want to preserve and that is what The Northern Light helps us to do. 
Happy birthday to The Northern Light and may you have many more.
Gary Tomsic
City Manager

I would like to recognize The Northern Light and the All Point Bulletin for providing Whatcom County residents with local independent news for the past 25 years.
These papers help keep our community connected and keep readers apprised of issues that are relevant to life in Whatcom County. I would also like to thank the publishers, Pat Grubb and Louise Mugar, for their personal commitment and dedication to local news and news makers.
Kelli Linville
State Representative