Freeman remembered as “cornerstone” of Blaine business

Published on Thu, Apr 29, 2010
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For many who live in Blaine, there is a good chance their home or property was, at one time, sold by Doug Freeman.

Freeman, founder of Doug Freeman Real Estate passed away on April 20 after battling Alzheimer’s disease.
His family recalls Freeman as a natural born salesman, master story teller and “cornerstone of the Blaine business community,” where he sold hundreds of homes.

Previously, Doug worked at Standard Stations (now Hill’s Chevron) for several years before and after military service in the Korean War from 1951 to 1953. He was a heavy equipment operator in Korea, assisting in building a major airstrip in the Korean mountains. 

Freeman was the son of Icelandic parents Chris and Bena Freeman and he lived all 80 years of his life in Blaine. He married in 1954 to Ardis Rozehnal and soon had six children.

Being the 10th child and youngest son, he grew up during the Great Depression, doing his part on the farm, milking cows, clearing property and planting and harvesting food from the garden.

Family say he enjoyed singing, and listening to the radio and the simple pleasures of life. He attended school in Birch Bay and Blaine, where an entire grade of students were placed in one row and the next grade or two in the same classroom.

After graduating in 1947, Doug took over the family homestead farm and raised beef cattle for many years.
It was on the farm that he developed a love of operating bulldozers, tractors and cutting wood. John Deere tractors were his favorite – especially his fully restored 1953 model 40. 

He was heavily involved in the American Legion post 86 for over 20 years, often driving veterans to the VA hospital in Seattle. As the service officer he supplied hundreds of veterans with wheel chairs, hospital beds and crutches. He was also a founding member of Northwood Alliance Church.