Local art association regains non-profit status

Published on Wed, Jan 13, 2010 by Jack Kintner

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The Pacific Arts Association (PAA) regained certification as a Washington corporation last Friday after loosing it earlier in what PAA director Larry Conrad called a “paperwork snafu.” It became a topic of discussion at the Blaine city council meeting on Monday when contractor Jack Lauman told the council that the group had lost its non-profit status.

“We never lost our federal non-profit status,” Conrad said, “but there was a lapse in our state certification. We can document it from July of 2000 when it was founded through January of 2008. We have filed our form 990 with the IRS.”

Conrad explained that the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia allows five years to elapse before revoking a corporate status, “and we were well within that. Also, the state doesn’t care if you’re a non-profit since we do not have state income tax.”

“They lost their certification from the state in 2002 as well as in 2007,” Lauman said, “and are under a requirement to get their books in order within six months to keep it.” Lauman had contracted with the PAA for work for which he said he was not paid in full.

A check of the IRS website for the on-line version of Publication 78 that lists non-profits, www.irs.gov/app/pub-78/, shows that the Pacific Arts Association is registered as a bona-fide non-profit, known in IRS parlance as a 501(c)3.

The secretary of state’s website lists the PAA as having a current unified business identifier (UBI) number of 602055514. The website describes a UBI number as a 9-digit number that registers you with several state agencies and allows you to do business in Washington State. A UBI number is sometimes called a tax registration number, a business registration number, and a business license number. PAA, according to the website, is currently registered as a non-profit corporation through July 31 of this year. The local agent is listed as Joe Melland, 2180 Montfort Avenue in Blaine.