2009 in Review - Blaine School District

Published on Wed, Dec 30, 2009 by Ron Spanjer, Superintendent

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The 2009 calendar year has been a very exciting and productive one for the students and staff of the Blaine school district. 

Our students are showing consistent improvement in math and science performance, as measured by state assessments, while reading and writing performance also remain strong. 

We are continuing to see high numbers of Blaine high school students enrolled in Advance Placement (AP) courses, and once again in 2009 received recognition from Newsweek magazine for this accomplishment. 
Many of our students are regional and state level award winners in the fine and performing arts, as participation and performance levels in both band and choir programs are exceptional. High numbers of students remain involved in athletics and other extracurricular programs.

The challenges brought on by economic recession have resulted in a second consecutive year of substantial program reductions.  Over the past two years, the Blaine school district has seen $1.7 million in overall adjustments. In spite of these unprecedented cuts, we believe that we have successfully assured for maintaining the quality and integrity of the instructional program. Student learning remains that highest priority in the Blaine school district.

We would anticipate additional fiscal hurdles in 2010, with the state economy still experiencing challenges. The board of directors has recently initiated a long range planning process. The finished product is intended to serve as a guide for future decision making specific to program priorities. Our parents and patrons are encouraged to monitor the district website for additional information regarding the work of the district.

We feel very privileged to have such a highly skilled and experienced staff working with students each day. 
Our charge is that of providing a quality education to the students of Blaine, Birch Bay and Pt. Roberts.  We remain proud of their accomplishments and are committed to making 2010 an even stronger year for education at all levels of the system.