SSC reduces emissions with fleet diesel retrofit

Published on Wed, Sep 30, 2009
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Sanitary Service Company Inc. (SSC) garbage and recycling collection trucks are leaving a little less behind when servicing their collection routes in Whatcom County. 

Last month, SSC completed an exhaust system retrofit on 58 of its diesel garbage and recycling collection trucks as part of the Washington State clean diesel grant program. 

This joint effort, which included financial support from the Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE) and installation assistance from the staff at Cummins Northwest, will help further reduce emissions from the SSC fleet by more than 50 percent in some cases.

According to SSC President, Paul Razore, the Cummins Emission Solutions retrofit DOC utilized Johnson Matthey’s Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). 

“The installation of this product will allow us to reduce Particulate Matter (PM) emissions by 15 to 30 percent and Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbon emission by 50 percent or more on our fleet,” said Razore. 

The WDOE Diesel Grant program was established to install emissions control technology on heavy-duty, diesel vehicles and equipment operating in the public and private sectors in Washington.  SSC applied for, and was awarded, a grant as a Privately-owned Diesel Fleet.

In recent years, SSC has taken a number of steps to reduce its fleet emissions, including switching to biodiesel fuel, retiring older vehicles, and purchasing state-of-the-art, low-emission vehicles. For more information about the retrofit contact Rodd Pemble, SSC Recycling Manager, at (360) 734-3490 or visit

For more information about the WDOE’s clean diesel grant program visit the WDOE’s website at