Blaine poetry contest winners!

Published on Thu, May 21, 2009
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Winners of the Blaine library poetry contest, “Why I Love Living in Blaine,” were recognized at the May 11 Blaine City Council meeting.  Each first place winner received $25 cash award provided by the Friends of the Blaine Library. From left are Sandra Rasmussen, 1st place (adult); Kayla Potter, 1st place (under 12); Baylee Tripp, honorable mention (teen); Marni Aosved, honorable mention (under 12).  Not shown are Olivia Adams, 1st place (teen); Kay Dee Powell, honorable mention (adult).

Belong to this place
By Sandra Rasmussen
First place winner, adult category
It is not the dance of wave-refracted sun
That I love the most
It is not the gray-green rock crab
    Or the smooth skipping stone
Not even the amber gaslight
Pooling on dusky streets
Not even the smell of asphalt
Soaked in rain
            Can compare to the gritty beauty
            Of this small swatch of humanity
I belong to this place
I belong to this people
I am a blue thread slipped in
Entwined, looped
Bending this way, doubling back
Knit into community
I am improvised into a history
Of complication and familiarity
Of ruination and restoration
Of elusive reputation
A worn placard nearby
Binds me tighter to the truth of this place:
I smile beatifically up to the sentiment
For those I prefer the cool murmur of ocean
            To tongues of fire
            Hot on the weave of my name
We will be repaired
            With time and touch
            Stitch by stitch

Why I Love Blaine
By Kay Dee Powell, honorable mention, adult category
Once a fishing town with canneries and saw mills
I love Blaine for its small town atmosphere
Churches and schools and sporting events
What it was, what it is, and what it will be
Natural beauty unsurpassed
See the deep purple San Juan Islands at sunset
While snowy peaks of Mt. Baker
Are awash in the brilliant sky colors
Ride the Plover to Semiahmoo
Boat from our picturesque marina
Kayak, wind surf, or skim board
Travel by water in Blaine
Blaine boasts the sweetest library around
And a wealth of online resources
For learning, meetings, book talks, computers
Movies, and games – the community hub
Next door to the Senior Center
Is the Boys and Girls Club
Many opportunities and friendships
For the young and young at heart
Golfing? Washington’s finest courses are here
Birding? Migratory pathways bring wings over water
Biking and hiking trails, running races, and polar bear swims
There’s even singing in the rain, in Blaine
We’ve parks for kids, and dogs, and skateboarders
Marine and bird life for all to enjoy
New sculptures and blossoms annually
At the International Peace Arch Park
Blaine is the greatest in the summer
Long sunny days, cool temperatures, flowers
The Jazz Festival, concerts, movies on the plaza
Sailing, counting starfish, clamming or crabbing
An Old Fashioned Fourth of July in Blaine
Pancake Breakfast, booths, car show, parade
Brilliant fireworks reflecting on the water
Family fun, whole town celebration
It’s the epitome of Small Town USA
And that’s why I love living in Blaine.

By Olivia Adams
First place winner, teen category
Blaine is where I lost my first tooth.
Where I ate my first ice cream.
And where I rode without my training wheels
For the first time.
Blaine is a special place,
A wonderful place to live.
There is the Peace Arch Park,
With flowers so bright,
There is Big Cost Cutter
With piles of delight.
Also, all my friends have encouraged me
Blaine is my home,
And my heart lies in Blaine.

By Baylee Tripp
Honorable Mention, teen category

From the stunning sunset down at the harbor,
to the bright green grass with the peace arch sitting on it.
With fireworks above us on summery night
To playing baseball on the pipeline fields.
Parks to play at with friends and family.
Whales to jump onto on a nice day.
Along with going to a clean school with good people.
I like to call this wonderful place my home, Blaine!!!

Why I Love Living in Blaine
By Kayla Potter, first prize under 12

What makes Blaine so special are not wealth or size,
But the people within it and the true beauty.
Blaine can be a beautiful frozen wonderland;
Or a place where leaves dance toward the ground in intricate patterns.
When in front of the darkness, a white arch basks aglow as a sign of peace.
Where inanimate whales swim forever in a  sea of concrete;
And you can walk and smell fragrances so sweet while listening to the bird’s songs.
The sun’s rays of light reflecting off the water in an array of dazzling colors in a serene scene.
True, these are dazzling to eyes young and old;
But what ties everything together is the rows of houses, each unique.
There are cozy shops and a library where you can lose yourself.
This amazing little town with even better people will always be with me no matter where I go.
That’s why I love it.

Marni Aasved, age 7

Blaine’s Seasons
By Marni Aasved, honorable mention, child under 12


Star fish
Peace Arch

Water waves


I love Blaine I all seasons.