Why buy local?

Published on Thu, Nov 13, 2008 by Michelle Grandy,Sustainable Connections

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Why buy local?

By Michelle Grandy,
Sustainable Connections

Community-based enterprises are interdependent. Local residents do business with community banks, which in turn are a major source of loans for family farmers and other small businesses. Independent media outlets depend on local businesses for advertising revenue.

Non-profit organizations receive 2.5 times more support per employee from small businesses, and most new jobs are created by small businesses. This interdependence means that the vitality of any one depends on the health of the others.

When you make the choice to buy local, you're ensuring that at least three times more of your money stays right here in Whatcom County than if you’d chosen to shop with non-locally owned businesses.
That means more jobs for Whatcom County residents, and more money in the hands of local business owners so they can invest back in our community.

Buying local not only preserves consumer options in the marketplace, but also access to fresh, tasty food and rural landscapes in Whatcom County.

Keeping local businesses up and running in our commerce centers makes efficient and sensible use of an infrastructure that is already in place, reducing the need to use automobiles and keeping urban sprawl down.

Where the locals go

Whatcom County residents interested in buying local and supporting their community businesses can now pick up a copy of the 2009 "Where the Locals Go!” Coupon Book, featuring discounts on more than 200 local businesses and services.

The $10 coupon books are now available at Village Books, Community Food Co-op, and Haggen stores.

Where the Locals Go features more than 200 coupons for local eateries, merchandise, services, and experiences, good for 12 months of savings in Whatcom County.

The guide will also be available in many local businesses and online at www.sconnect.org.