Students need parents and community to excel

Published on Thu, Oct 16, 2008 by Deb CummingsBlaine Director of Curriculum

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Students need parents and community to excel

By Deb Cummings
Blaine Director of Curriculum

Blaine parents and community, our children need you! Two times a year the Blaine School District sponsors a Community Math Night, where Dr. Ruth Parker engages us in activities on how our parents, community and teachers can help students, our future, be more successful in math. The reality is the school cannot ensure student success alone. We need you!

Now let me show you some math to show you one reason why the school cannot do it without you: In a student’s K-12 education career if they have perfect attendance they are in school learning about a little over 1,000 hours a year. If you multiply 365 x 24, you discover there are 8,760 hours in a year. Subtract the average of 1,000 hours students are in school, we have 7,760 hours where students are not in school. As a result, on average students are in school learning about 1/10 or 10 percent of the time.

Of course we must count sleep, play, family time, eating, chores, etc., but the bottom line is, there is 90 percent of a child’s school year where the child is not in school. Back to my point, without the support of parents and the community at large, we cannot ensure student success.

Demonstrate your support of our students by attending our community math nights. Our goal is to pack the PAC and we can do it with you. Mark your calendars for October 22 and February 25. The actual event is from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., but feel free to join us at 5 p.m. for free pizza and water/pop. At the end of the evening we will be giving door prizes.

This event is sponsored by BP Cherry Point Refinery, Little Caesar’s, Cost Cutter, Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC), The Northern Light and Blaine School District.
Attend this community event and you will walk away with:
• A better understanding of how we are teaching students math and why
• How you can help students in our community practice in a meaningful way to succeed in math, in school and life
• What you can do when a child does not know what to do with a math problem
• Math games you can play with children
• You’ll surely walk away with more questions
• And oh so much more.

I am asking you to commit two hours in October to support Blaine School District students. Help us pack the PAC. Last October we had over 600 attend. Last May we had 200 attend. Lets beat both attendance records this October 22. If you have questions, contact Deb Cummings at 332-0720. Lets show our students the Blaine community is behind them.