For a $400 fee, Blaine couple takes on hassle of car shopping

Published on Thu, Jun 19, 2008 by Jack Kintner

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For a $400 fee, Blaine couple takes on hassle of car shopping

By Jack Kintner

Did you know that to get the best deal on a car it takes an average of 34.2 hours of your time? That’s almost a full work week spent in research, negotiating, test driving and arguing with salesmen.

1998 Blaine high school graduate Janelle Rooney, now a speech language pathologist with the Central Valley school district near Spokane, recently opened up a new business with her fiancé Joe Savage called Women’s Automotive Solutions that can reduce that time commitment to just a few hours, even just a few minutes.

Rooney is the oldest daughter of local dentist Dr. Pat Rooney and Blaine public school speech therapist Jane Rooney.

For a $400 fee, Rooney said they’ll walk their customers through the process and end up getting a much better deal than most people can on their own.

“For the price of a moderate accessory you’ll end up with the car you want for a lot less money because of the contacts Joe has in the industry,” Rooney said. “You can participate as much or as little as you want, even to just telling us what you want and picking up the keys.”

Rooney said that Savage has been into cars since growing up restoring Chevrolets from the late ’50s with his father from hulks they found around his home town of Spokane. “One ’57 Chevy had a tree growing up right through the hood,” Rooney said, “but you should see it now.”

Though the title says the business is for women, Rooney said that nearly half their customers have been men who just want to save time and hassle.

“Women still pay more for auto-related goods and services,” Rooney said, “which is why we started this. People can pay us our fee and save a lot more than that in their purchase.”

Rooney said that their service is better than using a broker or the Costco plans offered by some car dealers. “We’re not re-selling a car like a broker would be doing or offering a slight discount that still requires one to work with a salesman, which is the case with Costco,” Rooney said.
They’ve recently been able to find and acquire hybrids at close to invoice prices, cars that often sell for a premium of up to several thousand dollars.

The couple, who will be married on July 24 in San Diego, operate out of Spokane but work on-line with clients nation-wide. For more information, visit