Blaine man challenges Kelli Linville

Published on Thu, Feb 7, 2008 by ara Nelson

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Blaine man challenges Kelli Linville

By Tara Nelson

A Blaine resident and Western Washington University professor will challenge state representative Kelli Linville (D-Whatcom County) for her seat in the 42 District this fall.

Jere Hawn, 49, announced this week he would be running on the platform of efficiency in government and greater accountability.
Hawn, a Republican, said he thinks representatives in the state legislature need to start seeing their constituents as customers.

“When I was in the Navy, I had an opportunity to improve base governance and customer service,” he said. “We sent out 700 customer service surveys and got back more than 1,200. People were xeroxing them and giving them to their friends. The lesson was that people should have been listening a long time ago. That’s true in our state legistlature, too.”

Hawn is divorced with three children ages 11 through 21 and is employed as a program manager of WWU’s manufacturing and supply department. He also teaches business operation quality and owns Innovations in Quality, a business consulting firm in Bellingham.