Forum to discuss importance of math

Published on Thu, Jan 10, 2008
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Forum to discuss importance of math

The Blaine school district has scheduled a workshop to help parents, students, business leaders and community members examine how to teach and reinforce math basics while ensuring students continue to practice important mathematics.

The forum is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, January 14 at the Blaine middle school cafeteria and will feature a presentation by Ruth Parker, CEO of the Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC), which helps schools and districts engage their communities in support of quality mathematics training.

Parker is a former classroom teacher of grades 1 through 9 and an author.

School district program director Deb Cummings said the meeting is designed to bring business leaders and school officials together to evaluate whether the school’s curriculum is adequately training students for the workforce.

“We need to pick up the pace in math and science if we’re going to be competitive in a globalized world. The world our kids are graduating in today is different than the world we graduated into. Multiplication is just not enough.”

The two-hour session is interactive and will include door prizes, for grocery and gas cards. Pizza and soda ($1) and free child care wil be available beginning at 5 p.m.

Feedback gathered from the meeting will be used to determine the agenda of future meetings.

Cummings said any community member, business member, parent could benefit by attending the event but that business representatives, in particular, should attend because they can inform the school whether their programs are adequately training students to industry standards.

They are the ones who want to hire the kids that we’re training, so it would make sense that we’re talking to one another,” she said.
She said if the meeting is successful, the district will plan two community nights per year.

The district is also seeking members for a community business advisory group who would meet twice a year with community members, school officials and business leaders from Blaine and Birch Bay.

“If we’re truly a Blaine community, then we need to be involved in things that are going on in our schools,” she said. “Anyone who is also curious should attend. We want to know what people think.”
For more information, call 332-0720.