Displaced theater group seeks new home

Published on Thu, Dec 13, 2007
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Displaced theater group seeks new home

The Blaine Community Theater (BCT) is continuing to explore options following its eviction last month from its home for the last two years, a storefront in the Blaine International Center on H Street.

“We’d love to be downtown,” said Rick Collier at BCT’s annual meeting, held last Monday, “it’s part of the mix of an enhanced downtown life, and doesn’t really belong in a mall anyway.”

Sandy Brewer managed BCT’s most recent production, Black Widow, and said that the question he heard most often from patrons was where to go for something to eat.

“If we were downtown, there’d be a lot of possibilities, but by the time a play’s over the mall’s pretty dead,” he said, adding that an ideal model is West Seattle’s Artswest as it combines a theater and an art gallery.

With BCT’s loss of their performance venue, they’re likely to return to using facilities at Blaine high school and middle school. The problem is that productions are much more difficult to bring off when the group has no permanent home. After a long-ranging discussion in which facilities from Ferndale north to Blaine were considered, board chair Mel Finnson assigned several people to fact finding on some key properties.

Meanwhile the show must go on. Board member Mikael Kenoyer said that BCT is putting out a call for directors for their Spring production.

“We anticipate a three week run in late March, early April, still subject to the availability of performance spaces. Right now we are trying to secure space on the middle school cafeteria stage. We have three possible productions now, and are seeking a director to either commit to one of these scripts, or present a proposal of their own. We will review these proposals and decide on a production at the January 7 meeting.”

Board members who were elected at the meeting include Don Starr, Mel Finnson, Mikael R. Kenoyer, Rick Collier, Sandy Brewer, Evelyne Charrier, Gayle Staker, Kerry Davenport and Seraida Vazquez. Officers will be designated at the meeting on January 7.

For more information, call 360/392-0582.