Planningmanager Tom Black resigns

Published on Thu, Nov 8, 2007 by ara Nelson

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Planning manager Tom Black resigns

By Tara Nelson

After working with the city of Blaine for only six months, Tom Black, the development manager of the city’s community development department has resigned.

The city hired Black, a former planning director for the city of Ferndale, earlier this year – shortly after he was fired in an alleged backlash over a letter criticizing Ferndale mayor Jerry Landcastle.

He joined Blaine’s planning department on May 1 with an annual salary of about $60,000.

In his letter of resignation, Black said his reasons for leaving are “entirely personal” and in no way related to the quality of the job or the level of support he received from the city after coming on board.

“This was a difficult decision for me, but a necessary one for me and my family,” he wrote.

Blaine community development director Terry Galvin said Black had been a valuable addition to the department and that they will miss him.

“It’s unfortunate that he cannot stay here with us, but I understand and respect his family commitments,” he said. “They should come first.”