Published on Thu, Aug 23, 2007 by Debby Farmer

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By Debby Farmer

The library is no longer merely a repository and lender of books. Neither does it solely deal with the circulation of more recent technological items like DVDs, CD-ROMs and audio books. While it provides the community with scores of magazines, newspapers, and highly valued databases, its scope encompasses much more.

Enter the internet, and with it, a multitude of application uses. The internet has virtually opened a world of references in fulfilling informational needs. It has enabled people to communicate with others in even the remotest areas of the earth.

As the demand for internet availability escalates, the Blaine Library is doing all it can to keep up, given space and resource restrictions. Nevertheless, with some creative reconfiguration, the library will be installing two additional public internet computers to supplement the four existing stations. These additions should help reduce the waiting lists for this highly sought after community commodity.

In the meantime, more and more people continue to be directed to their local library for internet access. Recently, Whatcom County Auditor Shirley Forslof, reminded voters that they could access the 2007 voters’ pamphlets online at their public libraries.

The IRS encourages taxpayers to pick up downloadable tax forms from the librarian or print their own from the public access computers. Immigrants and other legal alien residents are directed by federal government agencies to obtain necessary forms via the internet at their local library.

There has been some relief however, to the internet access demand with the arrival of high-speed wireless connection availability at the library. As the word has spread, laptop users are occupying more of already shrinking seating areas. Thus the decision was made to convert the library’s large meeting room into what will ultimately resemble an internet café.
Blaine Friend of the Library, Clare Nurre, is already keeping the newly expanded book sale shelves in the meeting room full, with a great selection of titles at bargain prices. Her fellow Friends are currently exploring options for providing a simple coffee service to enhance the café experience. Businesses interested in partnering with the Friends in this venture are asked to contact the library at 332-4126 for further information.

Summer Reading Club is winding down, with final title log sheets being redeemed for prizes and prize drawing entries. Area children alone have read 3500 books so far, and with teens and adults adding their titles, the number is approaching 5000!

Finally, mark your calendars for September 12th, when Harry Potter Fever breaks out at the Blaine Library! All ages are invited to a prize studded trivia contest at 3:30pm. Teens can then participate in a Book 7 Teen Chat at 4:00pm. Sign up soon to reserve your space!