Borderguards nab would-be drug smuggler

Published on Thu, Aug 9, 2007 by eg Olson

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Border guards nab would-be drug smuggler

By Meg Olson

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at the Pacific Highway crossing arrested a 24-year old Canadian truck driver trying to smuggle over a million dollars in marijuana into the U.S.

On the night of August 2 Carey Wirsz of Chilliwack was traveling south using the FAST, or Free And Secure Trade, lane. As a participant in the FAST program Wirsz and the vehicle had been pre-cleared as a low risk by U.S. and Canadian authorities. The FAST program is designed to facilitate trade while maintaining security by pre-screening applicants and allowing individuals, companies and equipment deemed to be a low risk to use an expedited commercial entry lane.

When the truck and trailer were examined using the port’s gamma-ray equipment officers noticed something unusual and sent the trailer for further inspection. CBP officers found 423 pounds of marijuana under the floorboards an agency press release describes as the “highly potent B.C. Bud variety,” packed in vacuum sealed bags.

Wirsz will face federal drug-smuggling charges. The tractor-trailer, valued at $175,000 was seized.