BirchBay author suggests pancakes for weight loss

Published on Thu, Jul 26, 2007 by ara Nelson

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Birch Bay author suggests pancakes for weight loss

By Tara Nelson

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Or one man’s pancake is another man’s miracle, at least according to Birch Bay resident Cal Smith’s new book The No Diet Diet.

In 224 pages, Smith, 77, outlines the diet that helped him earn runner-up in the Canadian national Finally Fit contest, a 12-week contest that awards individuals with the most improved physique.

At the age of 70, and 60 pounds overweight, Smith, a long-time racquetball player, said he became concerned about his health but found it difficult to maintain motivation to exercise.

“I had moved to Oroville and there were no activities and I just fell into a rut and got quite fat,” he said. “At 5-foot, six inches, and 205 pounds, I was 60 pounds overweight. I was quite fat, my blood pressure was quite high and I couldn’t walk well. Not only that, but I had a 5-year-old son at the time, I was beginning to worry about him.”

To help combat his lack of motivation, Smith said he signed up to a weight training course for seniors and from there, the ball just kept rolling.

He now plays racquetball almost daily and lifts weights three times per week.

Smith, a long-time public relations representative and features writer for the Canadian Air Force, argues that a delicious diet of French lemon pancakes, spinach-feta wheatcakes, omelets, sausage pancakes with country gravy coupled with moderate physical activity the dieter finds enjoyable can lead to steady and long-lasting weight loss.

Smith said pancakes have an “undeserved” reputation for being fattening as a result of high-calorie and sugar-laden syrups that individuals often dump on their breakfast.

Instead, Smith advocates canola oil spreads, no-calorie, sugar-free sweeteners such as Splenda, or a maple syrup-flavored substitute, and pancake batter made of whole-grain flours.

Other suggested toppings range from strawberries and no-fat whipped topping to sautéed vegetables and curried shrimp.

His book is available for viewing and ordering online at