Eventshows local talent up-close

Published on Thu, May 17, 2007 by ouise Mugar

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Event shows local talent up-close

By Louise Mugar

The 11th Annual Close-up Community Talent Show once again proved to be a magnet for all the wonderful talent in Blaine and Birch Bay.

Benefiting Blaine high school’s annual student trip to Washington D.C. with the Close-Up Foundation, U.S. History teacher David Fakkema organized the program along with Glenn Tuski and former teacher John Liebert.

The entertaining and off-the-wall masters of ceremony were teachers Mike Dahl and Mike Couto.

A special feature of the annual show is to recognize a person from the community who has contributed greatly to the performing arts.

This year the Bob Robbins Memorial award was presented to former band parent and firefighter Leslee Smith who continues to contribute her time and energy to the high school band program, and especially the trips to Japan.

Band director Bob Gray and John Liebert presented the award which is sponsored by The Northern Light and is named in honor of the former long-time building and maintenance supervisor for Blaine school district.

Participating talent were Kholt Moore, Alex Hendricks-Hockey, Kandace McKinney, Michelle Berry, Sabrina Gomez and her young dance troupe, Deanna Marshall and Melissa McNutt, Kaleb VanRijswijck, Ten O’Clock Scholar – (Doug Dahl, Glenn and Marla Tuski) – Selena Pai, Malie Laolagi, Brianna Ortiz and the high school teacher band, which included members Mike Shappell, Don Sayegh, Mike Dahl, David Fakkema, Brett Anderson and student Trevor Taylor.