There’smore to life than team sports

Published on Thu, May 3, 2007 by Andrew Ryser

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There’s more to life than team sports

By Andrew Ryser

Growing up just outside the small town of Blaine really helped me to be creative when it came to entertainment. There were only so many activities available, and most were team-sport oriented. I tried my hand at most of them, finding that not just anyone could swing a bat or make the winning three-point shot. Having a family with a lot of moto-cross interest, however, showed me there is more to life than just team sports.

My father Tommy introduced me to the concept of two wheels at the age of five, when I received my first motorcycle, a speedy new Suzuki 50. It was great for living in the country, but I would always get a little too rowdy with the bike, once crashing while trying to scratch my nose and ride one-handed. Eventually, dad got tired of fixing the mechanical problems, and I didn’t inherit the Ryser family’s mechanical talent, so when I found the more simple pedal version of moto-cross, it was perfect.

Having grown up with the opportunity to practice my sport at any given time kept my life going in a positive direction even when some of my peers went in other directions that led to trouble. And remembering back to my teenage years, my parents had only one thing to do when I misbehaved: Take away my bike.

Likewise, when acts of vandalism including the breaking of a window of someone’s sport utility vehicle, I felt like the town was in the position I had put my parents into years ago. We need to open some eyes to remind the community of the not-so-good-old days before the skate park.

I am very happy to say that the temporary closing of the ramp park had the results many in the community were hoping for. It feels good to see the park users take control over the facility and we hope the parents can help keep the good behavior around to stay.

But we’re not there yet. Adult supervision is still an important factor to the continuing success of the park. Parents should show their support for their children’s activities by being more involved in their recreational activities. The park is not a daycare.

I can say without a doubt that the place has changed the lives of many local kids. Please help us to do what ever it takes to keep the dream alive. Keep picking up trash, and show your support to prevent behavior problems from returning. All the hard work is worth it for everyone involved.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped to make the park what it is today.