Graduationprospects a source of anxiety, worry

Published on Thu, Apr 12, 2007 by Adrienne Greer

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Graduation prospects a source of anxiety, worry

By Adrienne Greer

As a senior at Blaine high school about to graduate, I get more anxious with every week that passes. But now is the time where everyone around me is planning their future. Everyone seems to be going their separate ways, trying to reach their goals.

This month is when colleges are sending out acceptance letters, and students are making their final moves to graduation. There is less than three months left and it’s a race to the end.

One senior, Katie Ross was recruited by Baylor University to be on their equestrian team. She will join 32 riders from 12 different states.

Ross did much of the work on getting accepted with some help from her mother. She visited Baylor University, in Texas, on March 21; just to be sure it’s the place for her.

Ross admitted that she’s excited to see what’s outside of Blaine and she’s not really worried about anything. She is however, “afraid of getting lost when looking for classes”.

Getting lost on a new campus is not the only worry seniors have, money is also a source of anxiety for many new college students. Many seem to be looking for ways to pay for tuition, thankfully for Blaine’s running start program many students already have collected their starting college credits without having to pay tuition.

One Running Start student Naomi Shucard said “I already feel like I have graduated and started my life.”

Shucard moved out of her mother’s home last year and has been living in Bellingham, attending Whatcom Community College full time. She said she will continue to go to Whatcom until she gets her Associates degree then she plans to transfer to a four year university.

“Hopefully out of the country in some exotic land,” where she will become an architect. During the summer she will be taking a very exciting trip to Istanbul, Turkey and Israel with her father’s band.
“I can’t wait to go, it’s my first trip overseas. I know it will just be the start of my travels and journeys.”

Many Blaine students take different paths to further their education. The graduating class of 2005, with 110 students, had 40 students who left to attend four-year colleges, 29 students said they planned on attending a two-year community college, and 20 said they planned on attending technical colleges.

Blaine high school’s associated student body president has big plans for the next four years. Josh White wants to earn his degree in international relations and has plans to become a diplomat.

White has applied to the American University of Sharjah and the United States International University of Kenya. White said he is just a little nervous for this big adventure.

“I’ll be shocked to land on the ground because I know I’ll be there for the next four years,” he said.

White got most of his help from Annie Foster an 8th grade teacher at Blaine middle school, when it came to researching schools and filling out applications. What will most likely be an exciting step in his life, White said he can’t wait to “get acquainted with a new culture and see how our culture differs.”

Every graduate has different plans for the next few years and these are just a few examples of the great opportunities they are exploring.

Good luck to the class of 2007, I hope they all reach their goals.