BayPortFinancial celebrates 25 years

Published on Thu, Jan 25, 2007 by Tara Nelson

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BayPort Financial celebrates 25 years

By Tara Nelson

Ask Ed Williams how he kept his Blaine business thriving for more than 25 years and he’ll tell you about his love of helping people – namely, helping people realize their dreams.

Williams, who moved to Blaine in 1981 with his wife Debora, joined Beamish Financial group in 1982 wanting to develop a practice to help people determine what they want to do financially.

“Most people think buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds and life insurance is what we do,” he said. “But what we really do is help people dream about what they want to do in their financial life, whether that is to educate their children, retire, or build a charity for their church, and then we find the investments that fit into what they want to accomplish.”
Williams added that BayPort represents a wide variety of companies, which allows him to serve a diverse customer base.

Two of those companies are Calvert and First Affirmative Financial Network (FAFN), which provide sustainable and environmental investment opportunities.

The Calvert Group, for example, focuses on companies that have positive labor relations, exceed international and local human rights standards, produce safe, beneficial products and practice general good corporate citizenship.

“So those people who want to invest in companies that aren’t involved with tobacco, alcohol or firearms, can do that,” he said.

Williams earned his bachelor of arts degree in marketing from Eastern Washington University in 1977 and moved to the west side of the mountains a year later to work for the former Bon Marche department store as a manager in Everett.

A year later, he transferred to Olympia and later to the store’s South Center location with plans to take up a divisional manager position.

Williams, however, changed his mind when he met Debora Plieness.
In 1981, the couple married and moved to Blaine where Williams sold cable hookups door-to-door and studied for his insurance and securities exam. They had two children – McKenzie, 27, now a 4-year registered nurse at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, and Keith, 23, a student in construction management at Central Washington University.

In 2003, Beamish retired and Williams bought the building, later installing new windows, new doors and a new roof.'

“The door probably gets more compliments than anything I’ve done to the building,” he said. “I’ve gotten a 99 percent approval rate for the color of the building from everyone who comes.”

When asked to identify the one person who disapproved, Williams said he didn’t want to mention names but that “he isn’t allowed on H Street anymore.”

But Williams has two reasons to celebrate this year. Not only will he celebrate 25 years of a successful business, he will be celebrating 25 years of marriage with the woman who brought him to Blaine in the first place.

He said he and his wife Debora have plans to celebrate their anniversary with a 3-week trip to Palm Desert, California. Maui and Oahu, Hawaii.
To celebrate the anniversary of BayPort Financial, Williams said he might have a more casual celebration such as a barbeque for his clients.

“We might do something special like that,” he said.

BayPort Financial is located at 349 H Street in Blaine. They can be reached by calling 360/332-8900.