Outdoormovie night features 16mm projector

Published on Thu, Aug 17, 2006 by ack Kintner

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Outdoor movie night features 16mm projector

By Jack Kintner

With the help of local movie producer Chris Onyon, the Blaine Community Theater is holding the first in what are hoped to be many outdoor movie nights this Saturday, August 19, on the G Street plaza.
Onyon and some friends painted a screen earlier this week on the north wall of the Blaine Bouquet building at 625 Peace Portal Drive to show the film. “We’re using an old 16 mm movie projector to show the 1980s family classic Ghostbusters,” Onyon said, “one that Glenn Tuski dug up out of the basement of Blaine high school.”

Other traditional touches to the evening will be popcorn at 25 cents a bag popped in a machine donated by the Pastime Tavern, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The Yost family, who helped paint the screen, will bring their ice cream bike, and Pizza Factory will be selling their famous brick over pizza by the slice.

Tuski will bring music to the evening beginning at 8 p.m. with his band Ten O’clock Scholar. The movie will begin when it’s dark enough, probably about 9:15 or so, and lasts until about 11 p.m. Some chairs will be available but people are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets if possible.

The event is free but is a fundraiser for the community theater and a $4 donation is encouraged.

Onyon credits the Blaine Bouquet for providing the wall and the Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU) for their sponsorship, “because movies aren’t free, even the 16 mm version,” he said.