Portconsiders demolition for Harbor Cafe building

Published on Thu, Aug 3, 2006 by ack Kintner

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Port considers demolition for Harbor Cafe building

By Jack Kintner

Pat and Joe Slevin operated the popular Harbor Cafe for more than two decades before closing in 2004.

This month the Port of Bellingham will decide whether or not to follow a staff recommendation that the building be demolished and the land cleared for other uses.

According to port representative Carolyn Casey, the port began advertising earlier this week for bids from contractors to perform the demolition work.

The port’s board of commissioners will vote on whether to authorize the demolition at its meeting on August 15.

The café began operations in the early 1940s as a small pool and beer hall. The oldest part of the building was a portable structure on skids.
It was moved to its current location in the 1950s and was expanded in the 1980s by the Slevins, who turned it into a local landmark restaurant and gathering spot for area fishermen.

The building is more than 60 years old and is in poor physical condition, so port staff has recommended its demolition.

Many of the well-known items at the café were sold last year at a county auction or were removed by the owners, but the port has salvaged the photos and memorabilia that remained.

This year the port is updating its Blaine Harbor Scheme of Harbor Improvements (overall master plan) and will have public meetings in Blaine this fall to discuss redevelopment options at the café site, as well as at other vacant buildings and undeveloped properties.

For more information, call Casey at the Port of Bellingham at 676-2500 or visit www.portofbellingham.com.