Supportyour local vendors instead

Published on Thu, Jul 13, 2006
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Support your local vendors instead

An out-of-state company has been calling local merchants promoting ads in a sports calendar for Blaine that has no connection with Blaine high school or the athletic department.

Blaine high school athletic director Gary Clausen said local merchants should be aware that ad space in calendars being sold over the phone by Kelly Publishing Company is not in any way connected with the quarterly sports poster that the school puts out, nor are they approved by the Blaine school district.

“We do everything promotional like that locally,” Clausen said, “which is the whole idea behind having a poster or calendar, supporting local sports.” In this case, Clausen said, the calendars aren’t even delivered unless the merchant asks for them and pays the shipping costs.

Soliciting by phone lets the publisher avoid having to be approved by the Blaine police department. According to Blaine policeman Jay Punches, door-to-door sales people need a city business license, but telephone solicitors do not.