Onthe Waterfront

Published on Thu, Jun 15, 2006 by Jan Hrutfiord

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On the Waterfront

By Jan Hrutfiord

Last weekend was very busy at the harbor, with several different opportunities to participate in activities going on in our area.
There were several Scout troops camping at Marine Park before attending the Hands Across the Border activities at the Peace Arch on Sunday.

Being an old scout mom, it was nice to see the neatly set up campsites, with the boys using their time to create a weekend of fun with activities beneficial to learning and helping each other.

The Drayton Harbor Open House and Oyster Feed was held on Saturday at the harbor office conference room, with many displays on taking care of our marine environment, as well as tours of the harbor on the Plover.

Geoff Menzies, oyster farm coordinator and member of the Drayton Harbor Shellfish Advisory Committee, also took many participants out on tours of the community oyster farm, which is in Drayton Harbor. There were several hundred people in attendance to find out how to protect our watershed, as well as to eat some of the 100 dozen (Yes, 1,200!) oysters from the Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm.

Oysters were barbecued by Charlie Hawkins as well as the 50 pounds of steamer clams, cheese and crackers, veggies and cookies that were provided free for those who were there in addition to lots of garlic butter. This annual event was declared a success.

The Plover is up and running Friday through Sunday, with tours of Blaine harbor, Drayton Harbor, and out to Semiahmoo. These tours leave Blaine harbor on the hour, returning from the Semiahmoo dock on the half hour. This is a wonderful way to see our home by boat, and will be running all summer through Labor Day weekend. The rides are free, donations gratefully accepted.

Also available for the Blaine area visitors last Saturday was the annual Fly In at the Blaine airport, with biplane rides for attendees. It was a busy day for all who wanted to explore Blaine both by boat and by plane.

And not to be forgotten, The Northern Light newspaper moved into their new office in their new building which is just being completed. The second floor office of The Northern Light is both spacious and beautiful, with much more room for their staff as well as visitors. They have a wonderful view both north toward Canada as well as south over the Blaine boat harbor. I’m sure they would enjoy showing off their new office as soon as they are finished moving in.The Vigil, the new sculpture commemorating Blaine’s fishing heritage, is being completed at this time, with the boy’s statue almost finished, and the grandmother’s statue is at the foundry.

The first commemorative bricks are being laid in the H Street parklet this week, about 250 sidewalk bricks with names of local area people are to be installed.

Those who want to have bricks engraved to remember their family and/or friends, may make arrangements for them at the Northern Meadows gift and wine shop across the street from the H Street Park street end.

The funding for the statue is going along very well, many of you have already purchased your bricks and plaques. There are many different prices starting at $50 for the sidewalk bricks. The entire project is planned to be completed for dedication on October 14. This will be the first fishing memorial in the United States that commemorates the families of the fishers who stay home and take care of day to day living while their loved ones are out to sea.