Vigildonors will see their name in brick

Published on Thu, Jun 1, 2006 by Meg Olson

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Vigil donors will see their name in brick

By Meg Olson

Next week, as the street ends that will anchor Blaine’s downtown boardwalk near completion, citizens and businesses who have donated money in support of the Vigil sculpture project will start seeing their names in the sidewalk.

Through The Vigil Sculpture Donation Fund, being administered by the non-profit Pacific Arts Association, the sale of bricks, pavers and bronze plaques has been supporting the creation of the sculpture, a life-sized fishing memorial showing three generations waiting for the return of loved ones from the sea.

Aside from a $15,000 donation from the city of Blaine the project’s $125,000 budget, which also includes the installation of the sculpture and the engraving of the bricks and plaques, is coming from individual and corporate donations.

So far, fund representative Bruce Wolf said the primary sponsor for the sculpture exhibit is the BP Cherry Point refinery, which has given $25,000 for the project. Intalco in Ferndale is another major sponsor, with a $10,000 donation.

“We’ve had some other big donations as well but the majority of funds has come from citizens buying bricks and pavers,” Wolf said. Sculptor Bob McDermott has also donated $50,000 of his labor to create The Vigil.

Most of the sales have come through the Northern Meadows specialty gifts and wine store on Peace Portal Drive and H Street, Wolf said. Northern Meadows co-owner Christy Lonquist said “fifteen percent are probably gifts or for other people,” while the remainder want to put their name and their money behind the project.

At the low-end, donors can get their name on an engraved brick that will be at the entrance to the plaza for $50, or a 1arge bronze paver on the pedestal that can be engraved with corporate logos for $10,000.

In between, some donors are choosing a double-brick paver in the plaza that can be engraved with a limited selection of symbols – such as wedding bells or a birthday cake – for $150. So far 125 bricks and 30 pavers have been sold.

Wolf said installation of the pavers is likely to begin June 5 and he encouraged donors to get in on the first installation.
However, he said, they anticipate continued sale of the pavers after the installation of the sculpture and there will be later rounds of pavers put in.

In addition to Northern Meadows, open Monday through Saturdya from 10 to 6 p.m., donations can be made online at