MarineDrive project to cost less

Published on Thu, May 4, 2006 by eg Olson

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Marine Drive project to cost less

By Meg Olson

Blaine will be getting an unexpected financial break as the city starts the first phase of upgrades to the wastewater system.

After opening bids for equalization storage under Marine Drive and reconstruction of the roadway, public works staff found that all the bids were substantially lower than the engineer’s estimate.

“We did get favorable bids,” said Blaine city public works director Steve Banham. “Colacurcio Brothers was over a million dollars lower than the engineer’s estimate.”

The three bids for the project, from Strider Construction, Tiger Construction and local contractor Colacurcio Brothers, were all at least $500,000 under the estimated cost of construction of $5.23 million.

Banham said excavation in the area, which is built on old timber pilings and fill, was the main reason for the difference in the three bid amounts. ”We’ll be spending some time looking into it,” he said. “There could be some surprises.

Banham said city staff would recommend accepting the low bid from Colacurcio Brothers after getting confirmation of the bid amount. The intent, he said, was to get the project underway this summer.