Childbit by dog returns home after stay in hospital

Published on Thu, Apr 27, 2006 by ack Kintner

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Child bit by dog returns
home after stay in hospital

By Jack Kintner

A 27-month old Birch Bay toddler is home with his mother after being bitten by a dog that at a pre-school playground in Birch Bay on Wednesday of last week.

“I brought him home [Sunday] night,” said Jayden Lynch’s mother Deanne Lynch, “and he’s getting better and is happy, but he’s still running a temperature.”

Her son came home earlier but when the wounds became infected he was re-admitted for a three-day stay at St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham.

Lynch said her son required 14 stitches and four staples to close his wounds, mostly bite marks to his scalp and the right side of his face. His right earlobe was ripped open and his right cheek was punctured.

While at the hospital, Jayden underwent a precautionary CAT scan looking for punctures in the skull but this proved negative.

The young boy was playing on a swing in a fenced playground at the Semiahmoo Kids Kamp when the dog somehow gained access and walked up behind the boy. When Lynch got off the swing and reached out to pet the dog, it attacked.

The boy was one of five children at play attended by two aides, according to Andrew Fisher, husband of the center’s owner.

Two North Whatcom Fire and Rescue Services EMT’s responded after the pre-school’s program director Dyna Manzo called 911 and treated Jayden at the scene. He was then stabilized and taken to St. Joseph Hospital by private car.

Lynch, 25, is a single mother who works at Semiahmoo Resort and said her workplace was cooperative given the circumstance.
The dog’s owner, Greg Taylor, was working at the pre-school for a construction company hired to put new siding on an outbuilding that is adjacent to the playground.
One of the exterior walls of the building, formerly used as a horse barn, forms part of the barricade around the playground.
Taylor brought his dog to work with him and did not have him leashed.

No witnesses saw the dog enter the playground, but despite news reports to the contrary the fence around it is chain link attached to six foot high steel bars and is intact. Lynch, however, said that once she arrived it was obvious to her that the dog could have easily entered through the barn itself near where the construction crew was working.

aylor’s boss told him to take the dog to his house and return for work, but Taylor simply left without returning. The dog was located two days later at Taylor’s mother’s house. She contacted the sheriff’s office and the dog is now under impound at SSP.

“I can understand why Taylor is reluctant to talk to us,” said Chief Jeff Parks of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

Taylor, 41, has two outstanding arrest warrants, one for fourth degree assault in connection with a domestic violence complaint dating from March of last year and another for failure to appear.

The boy’s medical expenses should be covered by the daycare center’s insurance policy, according to Andrew Fisher, the husband of Elizabeth Fisher, who owns pre-school.