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Published on Thu, Mar 23, 2006 by ebby Farmer

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At The Library

By Debby Farmer

Your public library influences lives everyday. The kindergartner giggles with delight after reading The Cat in the Hat by himself for the first time. The disheartened man lands a job, after connecting with WorkSource on one of the free public internet stations. That same spot enables the young mother to email her husband serving in Iraq. The elderly woman grappling with the news of a newly diagnosed medical condition finds enlightening information on the Health and Wellness Resource Database. The lonely widower sits and reads the latest news magazines, gaining solace from the silent companionship of others. Welcome to the world of the local library.

This year the Blaine Library, together with thousands of other public libraries around the country, will celebrate National Library Week, April 2 – 8. The theme, “Change Your World @ Your Library,” encapsulates the fact that changes happen on a daily basis at the library. During that week we’ll invite you to share with us how the library has impacted your life. Specially designed mini-flyers will be available to record your thoughts, which will then be put on display throughout the library. Also adorning the walls will be quotations from famous people regarding the importance of the public library in their lives. Free bookmarks will be given out, as well as the regular reference and readers’ advisory service that is always available free of charge!

The next Friday evening Friends of the Library sponsored event will be March 31 at 7 p.m. Abe and Wren McLaughlin will be presenting a program on their experiences working as volunteers in Nepal. On April 21st, Joe Meche of the Aububon Society will be introducing the Peterson system of identification as he speaks on “The Birds of Blaine, Birch Bay and Semiahmoo.” Following weeks will showcase local artists Ron Snyder and Cathy Taggett and others, as they demonstrate their work in preparation for an area artists tour in May.

Of special interest to teens is the newly formed Blaine Library Teen Group that meets every other Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. Teens have the opportunity to meet other area teens, talk about books, eat and just have fun hanging out together. The next meeting date is March 25.

Would you be willing to donate a few hours a month to help change someone’s world? The Friends of the Library are currently seeking new members. Applications and information may be found at the Blaine Library, or phone 332-8146.