Citycouncil considers concrete

Published on Thu, Mar 16, 2006 by Meg Olson

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City council considers concrete

By Meg Olson

When you walk on the new Blaine boardwalk, the city wants you to think you’re walking on aged timbers. What will really be under your feet is dyed and stamped concrete.

“It’s a boardwalk so you want the boardwalk feel but also durability,” said architect Tim Goodman of Carletti Architects at a work session preceding the March 13 Blaine City Council meeting.

Goodman brought in pieces of the stamps that will be used to transform flat concrete into a textured substitute for planks in the boardwalk area and cobblestones in the plazas at the end of G and H streets. The H Street plaza, featuring the sculpture the Vigil in an octagonal sunken area that could later be converted to a fountain, would be mostly cobbles while the G Street plaza would have more boardwalk planks extending into it.

Goodman also handed out sample cards to encourage council members to choose the colors the concrete should be dyed before the stamps are applied, as well as colors for the railings. Council members Ken Ely and Bonnie Onyon said they favored a more grayish tone for the boardwalk planks to suggest weathered wood. “You could warm it up with the pavers,” Onyon said.

“As long as it isn’t battleship gray and looks like chunks of cement,” Ely added.

Council member Jason Overstreet asked if Goodman could show them a computer–generated image of how their color selections would be reflected in the final look of the boardwalk.
Onyon agreed. “It would be nice to have a professional opinion,” she said.

Council member Charlie Hawkins suggested to Ely perhaps it was a job better suited for his wife. Liebert, however, added it will be difficult to please everybody. “Contemplate all you want. Once it goes on, someone will be bitching about it,” Liebert said.