Goodshow from math whizzes

Published on Thu, Mar 9, 2006 by endy Eickmeyer

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Good show from math whizzes

By Wendy Eickmeyer

More than 350 students in fourth to eighth grades competed on 101 teams from schools across Whatcom County in the 24th Annual Whatcom County Math Championship.

Sponsored by ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery and held at Whatcom Community College, the event took place March 4. Awards were presented to the top seven finishers in each grade on an individual test; first to seventh place to teams in grades 4-6; and first to fifth place to teams in grade 7-8.

Individual Awards
2nd place, 6th grade: Emily Steelquist, Blaine middle school.
3rd place, 5th grade: Tyler Kelly, Blaine elementary school.
6th place, 8th grade: Aaron Steelquist, Blaine middle school.
7th place, 6th grade: Daulton Dougan, Blaine middle school.

Team Awards
1st place, 4th grade: Nick Butschli, Kai Griffin, David Shapiro, Ronnie-Jo Vogt – Blaine elementary school.
5th place, 4th grade: John Cochran, Mallory Pope, Emilie Sarkissian, Lilia Varivoda – Blaine elementary school.
5th place, 5th grade: Adam Bresnan, Tyler Kelly, Mario Gobbato, Ryan Wallen – Blaine elementary school.
5th place, 6th grade: Daulton Dougan, Derek Dougan, Natalee Sellers, Emily Steelquist – Blaine middle school.
5th place, 8th grade: Matt Fisher, Tina Swearinger, Aaron Steelquist, Marcus Yu – Blaine middle school.