Canyou help?

Published on Thu, Mar 9, 2006
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Can you help?

Blaine high school is looking for volunteers to help students write essays for college and scholarship applications.

Anne Abrams, mother of one Blaine high school student who organized the effort, said many students don’t have the help they need to write clear, grammatically correct application letters. In addition, Abrams said she thinks there are a fair number of retired teachers in the area that could be an untapped resource.

“We’re basically looking for anyone who wants to put in one to four hours a week to help these kids with their essays,” she said. “We have yet to work out how, where and when, but if we can find some people, those details can be worked out. These essays can be really important and some of these kids need people to help them and some of the teachers are just too busy to help them.”

Individuals who are interested in volunteering should contact Abrams at 366-9365.