Thiscould be serious rain on the Birch Bay Discovery Daysparade

Published on Thu, Jan 26, 2006
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This could be serious rain on the Birch Bay Discovery Days parade

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is in need of volunteers to help with its annual Discovery Days parade and arts and crafts festival.
At a meeting at Stephani’s restaurant in Birch Bay last Tuesday, chamber president Genée Haws Kay announced that a lack of volunteers could cause the arts and crafts festival and annual parade to be cancelled this year.

“The board of directors recommended not having the arts and crafts festival this year,” she said. “If we want it to happen, we need help. I would like to think there is enough people in the community that care enough to make this happen. We’re also looking for volunteers to work on the parade because we don’t have any.”

Haws Kay said the board of directors will wait until next month to make a final decision on whether to cancel the festival. The board has also scheduled a meeting at 2 p.m. Saturday, February 4 at the chamber office to discuss the problem. Individuals interested in volunteering are welcome to attend the meeting or they can contact the chamber at 371-5004 for more information.

Parade and festival committee applications are available at the chamber office at 4880 Beach Comber Drive, Suite C (in the Trendwest building) or online at