Whenyou absolutely, pawsitively need to buy something for your mutt (or cat)

Published on Thu, Jan 19, 2006 by ackKintner

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When you absolutely, pawsitively
need to buy something for your mutt (or cat)

By Jack Kintner

Heather Campbell used to haunt specialty dog stores all over the world during her travels as a flight attendant for Air Canada. Now retired, she has brought her growing collection of foods, clothing, toys and just plain fun stuff to a store she opened last November 12 in Blaine called Bow Wow & Woofs, Pawsitively for Dogs, at 1733 H Street, suite 260, in the Blaine International Shopping Center.

Her interest in Blaine may have had something to do with having flown internationally several times with Blaine resident Rick Naslund. He’s an Air Canada 767 pilot and husband of Eleni Naslund, whose Furbaby Rescue service, based in Blaine, saves over 100 small breed dogs a year from abusive situations and finds them temporary or permanent homes.

Campbell, who often has one of her three Cairn Terriers on her arm, said that she saw a lot of countries in her 26 years of flying, first for Canadian Pacific Airlines, then Canadian Airlines and most recently for Air Canada.

“So look through the store and this stuff comes from all over the place,” she said. The 1,100 square foot space contains an almost bewildering variety of things canine, from Doggie Advent calendars to tailor-made Japanese Kimonos, from all natural lamb jerky treats from Nebraska to fresh dog food from New Zealand that’s blanched to kill parasites and then kept in the freezer until sold.

“Nature’s Variety (one of the brands she handles) believes in rotating what you feed your dog, and their stuff is produced and handled to the same standards as human food,” she said. Campbell has a freezer full of bones for your pooch from all kinds of critters, including bison, lamb, beef cattle and pigs, plus turkey necks.

And if your dog’s get up and go has, as they say, got up and went, there’s something on the Dogswell rack that will help. You’ll find delectable treats that are soaked in natural remedies, like the glucosamine sulphate in “Happy Hips.” Dogswell’s line also includes Happy Heart, Breathies, Vitality and Mellow Mutt. If something stronger is warranted, Campbell carries “pill pockets” made of beef that effectively – and securely – hide your dog’s medication.

Campbell carries a large assortment of various doggie playthings, balls that talk, flying discs that are tooth safe and an interesting puppy companion called a Snuggle Puppy. “It has a beating heart and a heater,” Campbell said, “and is just the perfect thing for a newly adopted puppy to roll up in.”

The store’s hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store’s website is www.bowwowandwoofs.com.