Police to beginSemiahmoo patrols

Published on Thu, Jan 19, 2006 by eg Olson

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Police to begin Semiahmoo patrols

By Meg Olson

Blaine police will be starting to patrol behind the gates at Semiahmoo in response to a request from board of the Semiahmoo Resort Association.
In a December 5 letter to police chief Mike Haslip requesting the service, association administrative director Debbie Smith said the board had been discussing traffic calming measures for several months. “The board is asking the Blaine police department to patrol behind the gates and issue speeding tickets, etc., for traffic violations,” she wrote.
At the January 9 meeting, Haslip briefed city council members and said he would be pursuing drafting an agreement with the association as allowed by state law.

A first step in starting the patrols, he said, would be to inform drivers that the private roads were police patrolled. “We’re taking a very slow approach to give everyone out there notice of what we’re doing,” he said.