2005in ReviewBlaine School District

Published on Thu, Jan 19, 2006 by Dr. Mary-Lynne Derrington

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2005 in Review
Blaine School District

By Dr. Mary-Lynne Derrington

At Blaine school district, every year brings new reasons to say, “It was a great year!” Our students, staff and community can be very proud of their success during 2005. It was 12 outstanding months of accomplishments on many levels.

Our staff was recognized by peers when two were named as state winners. Blaine school district is the home of one of the nine regional candidates for State Teacher of the Year and the State Elementary PE Teacher of the Year. Our district was also recognized because of our many national board certified teachers and our staff members have frequently served on educational committees at the state and national levels this past year. A number of our coaching staff was recognized as county and state coach of the year in tennis, baseball, golf and wrestling.
This was another year of academic achievement. In the high school, the advance placement classes are a model for other districts and our overall test scores improve consistently. We have developed programs to assist students that need extra help and teachers receive in-service training in the latest curriculum.

Our students continued their excellence on local, state and national areas during 2005. Blaine students joined the ranks of the Washington Association of Student Councils and the Technology Students of America award winners. Our student-athletes posted a perfect baseball season and many teams achieved GPA recognition. We were pleased to learn our students were among the rankings of the Reader’s Digest Word Power and National History Day winners and others were recognized with essays published in a local newspaper and some for their handwriting skills.

As we look beyond the coming year, we see growth in our community. Our enrollment is projected to continue to climb in the next 15 years. We have begun studying methods to accommodate the increase of students in our future. A committee of community members is looking at possible ways to reconfigure the current campus buildings and other ways to address our student needs.

On behalf of everyone at Blaine school district, I extend best wishes for a wonderful 2006.