Yarnfanciers share their passion

Published on Thu, Dec 22, 2005 by ara Nelson

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Yarn fanciers share their

By Tara Nelson

Mary Muncy said her passion for knitting began at the age of 15. “I used to visit knitting stores and just feel the yarn,” she said.
Muncy has now turned what became a post-retirement hobby into a business along with Jeanie Gibson, both of Birch Bay. They opened Beach Basket Yarns at 7608 Terrill Drive in Birch Bay last November.

“I am totally addicted to yarn,” Muncy said, holding a half-completed wool hat she is knitting for her grandson who snowboards at Mt. Baker.

The store carries basic knitting materials – yarns, needles, patterns and books – but with the addition of exotic and fun yarns such as the hand-dyed Peruvian baby alpaca wool-silk blends or the Mango Moon brand of recycled silk yarn reclaimed from looms by a group that funds shelter and health care programs for women in Nepal or the self-striping sock yarns, which Muncy proudly displays as finished product on her feet. “They stripe themselves,” she said. “They make a really fun gift for a knitter.”

The store also carries the popular Addi brand turbo needles that Muncy calls the “X-box of knitting” as well as novelty yarns in wild colors such as neon pink or “Jewel FX” with strands of silver or gold foil woven throughout multi-colored fabric. Clearly, this is not your mother’s yarn store.

Muncy also said Gibson will be teaching beginning, intermediate and advanced knitting and crocheting classes beginning in January by appointment.

Beach Basket Yarns is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, or by appointment and can be reached by calling 371-2569.