Youngat Heart

Published on Thu, Oct 13, 2005 by JoAn Newby

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Young at Heart

By JoAn Newby

Fall is rushing right on in with the days getting shorter, the nights getting longer and the temperatures getting lower.

Here in October with all of its splendor and in all of its variety of magnificent colors, we should enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy the variety.

September sped by with activities getting into full swing again. The physical fitness class is doing great and many are enjoying the wonderful strength building equipment. There are also openings for using the equipment in the evenings. This is great for people who are busy during the day.

The Crafty Ladies meet Monday mornings and you might try easy line dancing – a good enjoyable way to move about. Bocce ball happens Tuesday mornings and another happening is the Tuesday morning bible class. On Tuesday afternoons a painting class puts out some great works of art and they would welcome your particular creativity. They may even give us another spectacular art show this year – watch for details.

A very creative writing class meets Wednesday mornings at 10. We believe that everybody has a story to tell and we sure would like to hear yours.

China painting class is on Wednesday morning at 9. The friendly fire department comes over Thursday mornings and kindly takes blood pressures. Thursday afternoons finds a scrap-booking class and bridge. A getting fit walking class meets Friday morning – I wonder if they could bring that pesky blood pressure down. A beading class meets Friday afternoons, you must see some of their brilliant creations. Their motto – bead it, like bead it to the center. There are several table games and card games for your enjoyment mornings and afternoons.
If you drop in October 19, you can experience an interesting spinning demonstration. There is a fibromyalgia support group meting at 2 p.m. The birthday luncheon is October 20 and fine entertainment with Louie Fox Magic.

Have a wonderfully busy October, everyone!