Burns Bog aflame

Published on Thu, Sep 15, 2005
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Burns Bog aflame

Over 40 firefighters, helicopters and water bombers have been employed to extinguish a 50-acre fire in Burns Bog, north of the border. The fire began Sunday in North America’s largest peat bog, nearly 10,000 acres in size.

Top, flames are visible from Point Roberts. Middle, a water bomber dodges radio towers and power lines as it prepares to drop its load on the flames. Bottom, the bomber emerges from the smoke to pick up another load of water from Boundary Bay.

The bog has been on fire before, most recently in 1996 when nearly 175 acres were ablaze. During WWII, a fire smoldered for four years when it was mined for magnesium for artillery shells, according to a report in the Globe and Mail newspaper. Ash and smoke has drifted across Vancouver and south into Whatcom County.

Photos by Pat Grubb