JoinSam Hill at the Peace Arch this weekend

Published on Thu, Sep 8, 2005 by hristina Alexander

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Join Sam Hill at the Peace Arch this weekend

By Christina Alexander

Each year, the United States-Canada Peace Arch Anniversary Association (US-CPAA) rekindles the civic spirit of the community by commemorating the anniversary of the dedication of the Peace Arch monument. The annual program honors Mr. Sam Hill and our forefathers who created this very special place.

On Saturday, September 10, at 1 p.m., we will welcome the late Samuel Hill and other members of the dedication party who were present at the dedication ceremony held September 6, 1921. As you know, Sam will be able to be here for only a short period of time and will remind all of those present of the meaning behind the arch’s creation.

Sam has sent word that he would appreciate it if the citizens, officials and business people of the cities of Blaine and White Rock would be dressed in the fashion of the 1920s at this historic event. By doing so, he and his party will feel more comfortable during their brief visit. Prior to participating in the rededication ceremony on Saturday, Mr. Hill and her majesty, Queen Marie of Romania, will also be visiting local business establishments on Friday, September 9. We also invite members of the community, you and your employees to dress in 1920s attire in your businesses at that time as well.

We hope that you will accept Mr. Hill’s invitation to participate in the international rededication ceremony in the park on Saturday. Please remember, just like the 1921 ceremony, there are to be no photographs taken of Mr. Hill and Queen Marie.

What a Woman Might Wear
• Long skirts and long jackets
• Long dresses – waistless, pleated, beaded or ruffled
• Long necklaces and long earrings
• Silk stockings
• Shoes – medium heel, boot style, long pointed
• Toes with straps or buckles
• Cloche, fedora or wide-brimmed hats decorated with flowers or feathers
• Red lipstick or rouge
• Small handbag
• Gloves
• Parasol

What a Man Might Wear
• Three-piece pinstriped suit with a white shirt and red carnation
• Double-breasted jackets and trousers with turn-ups (cuffs)
• V-Necked knitted pull-over, knickers, and long patterned socks (argyles)
• Silk ties or bow ties
• Straw boater hat, bowler hat, deep topper hat, homburg hat, trilbe hat, wool cap, fedora
• Leather plain toe shoe
• Cane