Anevening of Celtic entertainment on tap at the PAC

Published on Thu, May 26, 2005 by ack Kintner

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An evening of Celtic entertainment on tap at the PAC

By Jack Kintner

In adopting a baby girl from China this next year, Michelle Lindsey of Birch Bay is about to realize a life-long dream, one that she’s eager to share with her husband Scott and four children. To make it happen, she’s organized a benefit for Friday night that promises to be one of the biggest Celtic music concerts seen in Blaine, one she hopes will become an annual event.

“I’ve always thought about this since I was a child,” Lindsey said, “and now that we’re a little more settled it seems like it’s time.” Lindsey has already decided on a western name for the baby, a girl yet to be chosen that may already be as old as three or may not yet have been born. “She’ll be named Haven,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey said that the expenses, which will run as high as $13,000, begin with an agency fee and a fee charged by the Chinese government, both of which are at least $3,000. “Beyond this the orphanage charges $1,000 and we have to have a home study conducted that costs $1,500. Once all that’s done then Scott will have travel expenses for a round trip and a one way ticket between here and Beijing, plus staying there two to three weeks,” Lindsey said. Scott will make the trip alone as the four Lindsey children are home schooled.

The Celtic concert speaks to the family’s Irish roots. Scott is an air force “brat,” the son of an F-4 Phantom pilot who served overseas, and was “raised all over,” he said. He works as director of Ministry Relations for Logos Software, a religious software manufacturer that recently moved from Oak Harbor to Bellingham. Michelle is a native northwesterner, and for her, she said, “settling down meant somehow getting back to the northwest.”

The concert features one of the finest young bagpipers around, Blaine’s Will Nichols, plus the 16 member Bellingham Pipe Band under the direction of Pipe Major Craig Wood and Pipe Sergeant Peter Rolstad.

The headliner is the popular and entertaining five-member Celtic band Maggie’s Fury from Bellingham, founded five years ago by guitar player James Walters and his mandolin and bass playing brother Terry. Other members are Roxanne Read on Irish whistle and flute, Tom Caldwell on percussion and their newest member, the lightning fast fiddler Howie Meltzer.

The concert also features the Tartan Pride Dance Team from Canada as well as an Irish group that does “River Dance” style Irish folk dancing. Supplementing this are dancers, pipers, fiddlers and comedy.

The comedy will run throughout the evening because the concert will be hosted by a nationally known southern comedian named J.J. Jasper, someone whose style is reminiscent of Jeff Foxworthy, Michelle said. “There will also be a silent auction during the one intermission,” she added, with some items like a free “weekend to remember” marriage enhancement weekend, software, gift certificates, gym memberships, artwork and so on. “There are about 30 items,” she said.

The fundraising goal for the concert tomorrow night is $2,000. It’s at 7 p.m. in Blaine at the performing arts center (PAC). Tickets cost $10 for adults, $5 for kids 15 and under, and free for kids under five. They’re available at the door and also at Blaine’s Cost Cutter Grocery.
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