Councilagrees to jumpstart boardwalk construction

Published on Thu, May 12, 2005 by at Grubb

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Council agrees to jumpstart boardwalk construction

By Pat Grubb

Blaine city council has authorized city manager Gary Tomsic to negotiate with Carletti Architects to revise the construction documents on the Peace Portal Drive boardwalk in order to get going on construction. Council took action at its May 9 council meeting.
Staff has recommended that the city begin by constructing the plazas and holding off on the that part of the boardwalk extending over private property until issues dealing with easements from the owners are resolved.

Staff anticipates that the re-design work required would be less than $25,000 for a total design cost for the project of $184,700.
Blaine public works staff has started the process of rebidding boardwalk construction following council direction to get the project rolling even if legal issues continue to hold it up.

The city will start this summer with the street end parklets at G and H streets, said public works director Steve Banham. “There’s a lot of soil removal work,” he told city council at an earlier meeting. “Construction could extend into early winter. We’ll at least be out of the ground this summer.” Banham expects to open bids in July to kick off an estimated 180 days of construction.

The project has been delayed due to the refusal of Peace Portal property owner Isac Feldstein to give the city an easement for the boardwalk.