Dancerto perform at library

Published on Thu, May 5, 2005
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Dancer to perform at library

Flamenco dancer Sophie Dominik Echeverria will share her energetic talent expressed in a centuries-old dance form Friday night at the Blaine library, 610 Third Street, at 7 p.m.

A resident of southwestern Wyoming, the performer offers a packed hour of entertainment that includes a lot of Flamenco on a stage that is being built for her out of plywood.

“The stage is used like a drum,” she said, “because Flamenco is a set of rhythms, and when you figure out how to move and play in that set of rhythms that’s Flamenco.” Echeverria also sings and reads her own poetry.

The form is an ancient one, she explained, coming west with the gypsies who learned movement from yoga practitioners in India and providing a source for much traditional western dance and exercise.
“The two important things are that you have to stay in rhythm, or compass in Spanish, and you have to give your all. The Spanish phrase is Dame la Verdad, which means ‘give me the truth.’”

Echeverria is eclectic in her tastes, however, and said she throws in a bit of everything into the energetic hour of entertainment, including bits and pieces of Brazilian tango and even Hula from Hawaii.
The performance is free, although a donation at the door is encouraged.