Citybuilding growth outpacing projections

Published on Thu, Apr 14, 2005 by eg Olson

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City building growth outpacing projections

By Meg Olson

Blaine’s first quarter development review is evidence of the rising development pressure on the city.

At the April 11 city council meeting community development director Terry Galvin reported that the city now has two major developments under review that, if approved, would add 443 new building plots to the city.

In east Blaine Doug Connelly is applying to subdivide a 90-acre parcel at H Street and Harvey Road. The proposed East Maple Ridge subdivision would include 222 single- family lots, 118 duplex lots and 15 cottage lots. Galvin said based on the magnitude of the project it met criteria for major development review, which meant council would give final approval.

On 27 acres between Peace Portal Drive and the harbor just west of the Bell Road intersection developers of Dodd Street Station propose to create 90 single-family lots. “This area is amazing,” Galvin said of what once was a largely undeveloped part of Blaine on the other side of the railroad tracks. “In the next couple of years it will be almost fully developed out.” Issues of access, traffic management and open space will be especially challenging, he said. The project is also subject to major development review.

Building permit applications are also on the rise, Galvin said. So far in 2005 the city has approved 28 new residential, two commercial, and three industrial permits.

Public works director Steve Banham said his department was also seeing an increase in applications for connection to the sewer system, a sign of accelerating growth. In 2004 the city had 60 new equivalent residential units join the system. For the first quarter of 2005, the number was 22. “We’re clipping along at a pace a little bit faster than our original growth projections,” Banham said.